Artiteq Clamping Hook 40kg to 100kg


Clamping Hook is one of the few hooks that can be used on the 4x4mm gallery hanging rods combined with classic rail (J-Rail).
As a system the Gallery hanging system is very robust and mainly used for hanging heavy paintings or artworks. Therefore clamping hook which holds up to 40kg or 100kg is a must have parts in the gallery system. Also we do have Anti-theft Clamping Hook 60kg, Anti-theft Clamping Hook 60kg – 10pcs and Anti-theft Clamping Hook 100kg
Accessories works with this?

The ideal rods that can be used with Clamping Hooks are

Gallery Rod Aluminium 4 x 4mm S-Bend Alu 200cm, Gallery Rod Aluminium 4 x 4mm S-Bend White 200cm, Gallery Rod Steel 4 x 4mm U-Top White 150cm, Gallery Rod Steel 4 x 4mm U-Top White 200cm

Other similar Clamping (Classic) Hooks

Also we do have Clamping Hook 100kg, Anti-theft Clamping Hook 100kg, Anti-theft Clamping Hook 60kg – 10pcs and Clamping Hook 40kg.


Delivery Policy

2-3 Days

Maximum Load

40kg, 100kg


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