Artiteq Micro Grip + Twister Set


  • various lengths available
  • max load capacity 20 kg
  • Perlon
  • Steel
  • 1mm
  • 2mm


Artiteq Micro Grip + Twister Set comes with three different sizes which are 1mm and 2mm with various materials of steel and perlon. This Micro Grip with Twister set is an ideal way to hang your desired pictures and artworks.

Micro Grip Hook is well designed and easy to use since it’s very light of weight and made with finest Perlon and Steel. Hook & Wire Set are included and the hook supports up to 20kg.

Artiteq Micro Grip + Twister set has 10 year warranty period.



Delivery Policy

2-3 Days


Perlon, Steel

Wire/Cable Diameter

1mm, 2mm


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