Twine & and Pegs Picture Display Frames 30cm*60cm & 50cm*60cm


Mostly made of wood and natural twin

Easy installation and establishment

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Twin and Pegs Picture Display Frames include variable designs. This product is suitable for displaying your memories and happy moments in your life.

Made with natural twin and wood put together. You can have your desired production by choosing the frame area and the material.

when you choose the length of the Twine and pegs, we provide you applicable number of nails. The recommended frequency of a nail which should be attached along the Twin is Three nails for every 2 meters.

Twine & Pegs Picture Display Frame is very easy to fix and clean. You can keep multiple display frames in your living area since it doesn’t take much space.






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30cm*60cm, 50cm*60cm


Flora, Mozart, Natural Jute, Paris


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